How does Digest work

Digest is an AI powered research assistant with a focus on transparency via interpretability.
Upload Document

Digest allows you to create an archive by uploading either PDF and TXT documents.

Question Archive/Doc

Once they've been uploaded you can ask questions about either one document or the entire archive.

Amplify Search/Generate Questions

You can amplify the search by choosing more semantically similar paragraphs to parse or generate more interesting questions from the document you're questioning.

Use Cases


We see researchers using Digest to quickly answer questions from other papers, find relations between disparate sources of text and extract specific data from large sets of documents. Other than them, we see lawyers using it to do case research or maybe to quickly sift through information for legal due diligence, CEO's and other executives using it to improve the speed and quality of their decisions.

Use Cases


Students can also use it to speed up research and learning (including using our amplification feature to generate questions from uploaded documents) and hopefully many other use cases that we haven't even thought about.


Here are some of the current features of Digest
Efficiently Research Documents and Journals
Search Amplification
Create an archive of documents for research and educational purposes
Archive Creation
Generate Relevant Questions based on documents uploaded
Question Generation
Contextualised Answers based on uploaded documents
Provide Document Context for Answer

Our Team

The Team might be small but it's growing with a high-talent base

Adrian Kibet

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Muhia

Chief Technical Officer

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